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Portrait of a Boulder Activist: Darren O’Connor

“If you read the news and you pay attention to social justice issues, and you don’t do anything about that, I think that not doing something would be far less healthy and… take far more away from me being able to enjoy my life by seeing all that, and knowing I wasn’t trying to do something about it.”

Fellow activists acknowledge and laud O’Connor’s efforts to promote change in Boulder. Rob Smoke, who served as a commissioner on Boulder’s Human Rights Commission for five years, notes that “it’s beneficial that there are people around like him who are willing to put some time and effort on working on these policy issues with the city, because this city is really, really, REALLY hard to work with.”

Barry Satlow, chairman of the Boulder County chapter of the ACLU, echoes that sentiment and adds that activists like O’Connor “help bring the issues to the fore, and the agitation helps get lawmakers ready to deal with things, sometimes thinking they have to deal with things like homelessness.”

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Roger Scott Andy Josiah
Roger Scott Andy Josiah
19 nov 2021


In Solidarity.

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