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Darren O'Connor Featured in This Month's Yellow Scene Magazine

Darren has long been a voice of the unhoused, being a relentless thorn in the City of Boulder’s side. For years he has advocated for them to take a more compassionate approach to helping people. He helped found and serves on the board for the NAACP Boulder County and nonprofit Feet Forward; he recently graduated from law school after leaving a career as a literal rocket scientist, in a quest to help others; and he established his own private practice.

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I asked him if this is what led to him deciding to become an attorney. No, it was not the guns pointed at his head, it was not [former Representative] Williams [getting a temporary protection order against him], it was a grandmother in Loveland in foreclosure. She had had a traumatic brain injury and was on a witness protection program as a victim. Her bank had released her name and address and were kicking her out of her home. Through a lot of work, he managed to get both the number for Steve Mnuchin’s office and got the Colorado Attorney General’s Office to work with him. He has the call recorded where it is admitted that this grandmother’s name was shared with her abuser. He was able to use the bank’s error to force a refinance of her home.

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1 Comment

Roger Scott Andy Josiah
Roger Scott Andy Josiah
Nov 19, 2021

Excellent! It is great to know that there are still lawyers in this country that truly does care about providing true justice for the American people.

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